haircuts and STYLIng

The Venue offers a wide range of professional and fun hair cutting styles and techniques. Our elegant up-do's and beautiful hairstyles are perfect for any occasion such as weddings, fundraisers and prom.  
Blow-dry Style
​Up-do Style

​*Not currently accepting new clients under 10 unless parent is a current customer.

Corrective color is my specialty, and communication through consultation is key to successful service. Personalized color services include a complementary blow-dry and style.

permanent color
Permanent color changes the color of the hair by lightening, covering gray or just changing the tone. It grows out leaving the appearance of “roots”. Permanent color must be touched-up every 4–8 weeks.

semi-permanent color
Semi-permanent color enhances the hair by blending the gray or changing the tone of your hair. It gradually fades out over 6-8 weeks leaving no “roots”.

color wash

This is a low maintenance, 5-10 minute glossing service that gently lightens and brightens the hair.

A gentle low temperature wax is used to remove unwanted facial hair. 


Don't forget to ask about our professional line of beauty and hair care products from companies such as;




Oh Wow Lip Balm

the venue is proud to offer charlotte's finest hair care services. please contact us for current pricing and promotions.

certified lasio stylist

The LASIO® Keratin Treatments have earned a reputation of being the safest and most effective keratin treatments on the market. Our keratin treatments provide frizz free, smooth, silky, shiny hair by repairing damage and replenishing hair with keratin

tint back

Cost discussed at consultation
Returns colored hair to a more natural shade while suppressing any unwanted brassy tones.

COLOR refresher / toner
Restores vibrant color to hair faded by the sun, chlorine or exposure to the elements.

Foiling is a very artistic approach to highlighting. It can be used to achieve lighter pieces, darker pieces, and an endless array of accent colors in the hair. The results can be very subtle.

permanent waves
Includes cut with complimentary blow-dry and style.
Perming services can be preformed on varying textures and hair lengths. They create lift and volume, train roots to hold desired shape, give style memory, even-out curl, and/or create a look that is never too curly or frizzy.

keratin hair straightener
Includes cut. Your first Lasio also includes Lasio Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain your results.

This treatment controls unwanted curl and frizz while maintaining volume, shine and hair health. The Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment is a mild temporary straightener that once applied sits onto the hair cortex, never penetrating through it, avoiding your natural hair bonds from being broken down and the keratin to moisturize and strengthen your hair for the most amazing results!